Boosting a nationwide publicly accessible fast charging network for freight transport.

Changing to electric freight transport requires a publicly accessible fast charging network

The mobility transition is in full swing. An important question is in what way you will always be provided with sufficient power while on the road. It is expected that most trucks will be loaded at their depot. In addition, a publicly accessible fast charging network is required to supply additional power when the range of the vehicle falls short. So one can be confident to switch to electric transport.

To have this operational on time, we have to work together smartly and start quickly

Timing is crucial in this task. The first zero emission (ZE) zones will become operational in 2025 and grid operators need time to realize charging infrastructure with sufficient capacity. LoLa ensures smooth cooperation between parties in order to realize existing and new initiatives as quickly as possible. For example, we provide timely insight into the required grid capacity based on the charging needs.

Starting at the locations where the charging needs are expected to be the highest

We investigate where the demand for fast chargers is growing. We combine this with the available grid capacity and the expansion plans of the grid operators. For example, we are the first to develop fast chargers at locations where the expected charging demand is the highest. For example around ZE zones. We also investigate other locations throughout the Netherlands to obtain knowledge together.

Lola connects existing initiatives…

At this moment there are already many plans for fast chargers in suitable locations. That is why LoLa does not build charging locations itself. LoLa connects local, regional and national initiatives with fast charger operators and carriers.

… and aims to be effective at locations where the demand for fast chargers is high

At locations where we do expect a lot of demand but where there are no initiatives yet, we look for and connect parties who want to get started here. In addition, we would like to get in touch with existing initiatives, so that a national network can be created together.

Would you like to join?

We connect carriers, operators of charging infrastructure, owners of promising locations, governments and network operators. By working together in a smart way, we accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility. Will you join?